About Me

My name is Nicole also know as, (Nikki, Mom, Babe, Honey & Mrs. Stracek). I’m a vintage 80′, a Mom to 3 beautiful kids and married to the love of my life. My future dreams consist of becoming an thriller/crime mystery novelist, to make enough money to own as many Chanel bags as possible, and to avoid at all costs all bug creatures alike. I live on the Crow Wing River in Staples, MN and just for the record I am not a hippie and I don’t like to hike! However, I love Hippies in general and hiking boots are sort of fashionable. Right? I am a self described “nature prude” but I am lover of mother nature and all the beautiful things in it (even the ugly bug creatures, EXCEPT June Bugs). I’ve created this space to share my writing experiences and to make a place of my own. Hiking Is For Hippies is my alter ego that combines my infatuation of the 60’s counter culture (you know, the inspiring political movements, music, fashion and the seriously groovy people that I idolize in so many ways… ) and my loathsome love affair with all things that creep me out. As a writer, I want to inspire and capture life and share my love of writing with a sense of gratitude to my readers. I’ve spent my entire life wanting to be a writer and somehow I’m lucky enough to be one.

I am currently working on my first novel and as a professional freelance writer. I am a contributing writer for a fabulous local magazine and I have an upcoming article coming out this year on vintage theatres. My writing background includes; article writing, web content, business writing, marketing, copywriting and blogging. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior Management and a Minor in Psychology from the College of St.Scholastica and professional background in marketing.

If you are interested in hiring me for freelance work you can see my detailed resume or visit my professional profile on LinkedIn.

View Nicole Stracek's profile on LinkedIn

or contact me at nicolestracek@yahoo.com

Thank you for visiting!


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