About Me

Hey. My name is Nicole Stracek.  Also know as; Nikki, Mom, Honey & Mrs. Stracek. I’m a vintage 80′, a mom to 3 beautiful kids, and married to the love of my life. Dreamland goes like this: I’m a thriller/crime mystery novelist, I make enough money to own as many Chanel bags as possible, and much like reality, I’m still avidly avoiding bugs. To set the record straight I am not a Hippie. And I’m not a huge fan of hiking. However, I am a writer and I love to write. Why did I choose Hiking Is For Hippies Professional Writing Services as the name for my business? Because I’m weird, unique, and a little different…and honestly, I liked the way it sounds. Plus, hiking boots are sort of fashionable as long as we don’t really have to hike.

I write blog articles, various forms of content, and use my experience in marketing as a base for developing my work. You can take a hike to this page for information on the writing services I offer.

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