Writing Samples

Magazine Articles/Published Pieces 

Contributing Writer: HerLife Magazine, Central Valley, CA

Leslie Crosby: A Mother’s Love and The Courage to Commit Fully 

Robert Kelley: Giving Art to The Community

Lynda Winter of Great Spectacles: The Art of Eyewear 

Community Hospice: A Passion Project with Humble Beginnings 

Dr. Amy Bader: The Power of Resilience

Your Smile is in Good Hands at Hope Dental of Stockton

John Silverton MD, FRCS: Experienced Plastic Surgery Specialist

Bank of Stockton: Withstanding The Test of Time for 150 Years

Contributing Writer: Lake Country Journal Magazine, Brainerd, MN
Lake Country Journal Magazine | Health

Contributing Writer: Minnesota Home Magazine, Brainerd, MN 
Minnesota Home Magazine: Cabin Life Unplugged (Pages 36-37)

B2C Article Links: Black Friday Magazine
Sweet & Sincere Jewelry Deals
Spring Fashion Deals & Steals
Spring Beauty & Skincare Deals

Blog Articles
Sample One: Secret Starbucks Menu
Sample Two: Shopkick Back-to-School Article
Facebook for Small Businesses in 2017
Nail Polish Trends
Elite Services You Can Get at an Affordable Dentist
Why Dental Care Should Be a Priority for The New Year
Dental Care: Self Care At It’s Finest
3 Little Known Facts About Chipped Tooth Repair 
Community Dental Care: Convenience At It’s Best
New Year: New Dental Examination
3 Myths About Dentures
Why Some Choose Extraction Over Root Canal
The Difference Between a Crown and a Bridge


Web Content 
Landing Pages Sample
About Us Page

Professional Resumes
Professionally crafted resumes, cover letters, and reference pages to help you land your next dream job.

Sample Before Resume
Sample After Resume


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